Not only do we install security systems, but also consult companies and individuals on issues of organization of security, installation of alarm and its improvement.

All alarm system messages, telephone conversations with the CMS, data about the movement of patrol crews are accumulated and stored in the databases and we can provide it to the client if necessary.

If we do not fulfil our obligations, we will compensate for the damage caused by our fault, as our civil liability is insured by the insurance company


Beside the security against infiltration, the alarm will detect the smoke, gas leak and power cut. You can remotely enable or disable the security and many more.

Fire security

We conduct examination of a facility, develop a concept of fire security and perform the diagnosis and maintenance of all systems on a regular basis.

Access control

It is a control over movement of employees, guests and transport in the territory of a secured object as well as staff worktime logging and person identification.

Corporal security

At arranging corporal security, our specialists conduct the analysis of specialties and vulnerability of facilities. The factors that endanger staff are determined. The project of corporal security is coordinated with the customer.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is a service that allows tracking the home environment in any time and place. It operates on PC, phone or tablet PC.

Video security

It is an efficient security system with a wide range of opportunities; access to chambers in any point of the globe; keeping a video archive in the Cloud; high image quality. The data is transmitted and saved as encrypted.

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